Awards and Co-curricular Archievements Transcript (ACT)

In addition to the Transcript of Studies, the University developed Awards and Co-curricular Achievements Transcript (ACT) to encourage students’ all-round development and recognize their achievements. The design of ACT will further support students to create a full record of their participation and achievement in co-curricular learning activities throughout their period of study, reflecting their breadth of knowledge, all-roundedness, personal effectiveness and social engagement. Achievements and activities to be recorded in the ACT will be categorized into three areas, namely

(1) Awards and Scholarships;
(2) Leadership and Service Positions; and
(3) Participation in Co-curricular Activities


The ACT will record the awards and scholarships you have received, the position that you have served as, and the activities that you have participated in and recorded by SAO and the University. You can submit extra records to be shown on the ACT after review and approval by the SAO.

A free copy of the ACT will be prepared for each graduate during the Graduation Ceremony of the year of graduation. You can also apply for an additional ACT on the SAO website which is HK$60 per copy.