College Assembly

College Assembly - HSUHK Liberal Agora

To enhance students’ whole-person development and out-of-classroom learning experience, seven College Assembly Sessions will be arranged in each of the academic year, inviting guest speakers from different aspects, offering students the opportunities to widen their knowledge base from an interdisciplinary perspective.

A Nutritionist was invited to share simple recipes with students.
A Clinical Psychologist was invited to share how to “Be at peace with yourself”.
Inbound and Outbound exchange students shared their exchange experiences.


All students are welcome to attend the College Assembly – HSUHK Liberal Agora to learn the latest development of the University and to enrich their knowledge.

Year 2 intake Students (2020-21) need to fulfil the graduate requirement by attending at TWO assemblies in their 3-year student period.

And there is no attendance requirement for Year 3 Students.

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