Graduation Requirements (ECA/CS/PA/ iGPS / College Assembly)

All students must have fulfilled both Academic and University Graduation Requirements stipulated by the University in order to graduate.

Academic Graduation Requirements

Please refer to the Registry website for details of Academic Graduation Requirements.

University Graduation Requirements:

  1. Language competency exit requirements (refer to the relevant section of the Academic Regulations for details);
  2. Information Technology Proficiency Test (refer to the relevant section of the IT Learning Centre website for details); and
  3. Complete the requirements for
  • Community Service (CS) / Extra-curricular Activities (ECA) / Physical Activities (PA) Hour (for 2020/21 cohort Year 3 entry students)
  • iGPS Unit and College Assembly – HSUHK Liberal Agora (for 2020/21 cohort Year 1 and Year 2 entry students).

 For more details, please refer to below specific links: 


  1.  Academic Graduation Requirements
    To graduate, students are required to obtain the required number of credits according to the curriculum structure of their respective programmes and achieve cGPA 2.0 or above within the normative/maximum period of study. There may be other programme-specific graduation requirements, please refer to the curriculum structure of respective programmes for details.

  2.  University Graduation Requirements
    Apart from Academic Graduation Requirements, in order to graduate, students are also required to:
    1. fulfil the English language competency exit requirement (attain a score of 6.0 or above in IELTS (Academic) Test) (score 6.5 or above for students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English & Bachelor of Translation with Business (Honours);
    2. fulfil the Putonghua language competency exit requirement (attain the level of “Third Class Grade B” or above in Putonghua Proficiency Test) (level of “Third Class Grade A” or above for students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese);
    3. pass the Information Technology Proficiency Test (please refer to the information posted in the website of IT Learning Centre for details); and
    4. enhance students’ learning experience and to encourage students’ all-round development, HSUHK students are required to participate in a variety of co-curricular learning activities before graduation. Students are required to accomplish the requirements of iGPS Unit/ CS-ECA-PA Hours requirement and attend College Assembly – HSUHK Liberal Agora according to the entry year and the year of intake. (please refer to the information posted in the website of the Student Affairs Office for details).