Internship Scheme

Taking up an internship during your university study will allow you to attain authentic work experiences, apply your knowledge learnt from class, develop business network and cultivate business etiquette skills. It is also a precious opportunity for you to explore different career paths that suit your interest and strength.

In the competitive job market, most organisations prefer candidates who have some sort of professional experience. Therefore, having internship experience(s) on your CV will definitely give you an edge over other candidates when applying for jobs upon graduation.

HSUHK students are encouraged to visit the JINESS Portal (link: periodically to look for different internship opportunities.

Also, below are some signature internship/ work schemes across industries and countries that you must wish to join during your 4-year study. Please click here for more details.

  •         HSUHK Global Internship Programme
  •         Mainland Internship Programme
  •         HKSAR Government Summer Internship
  •         Student Campus Work Scheme
Internship arrangement for non-local students

Please visit this link for the career-related information for non-local students.


Thousands of jobs including internship, graduate jobs, campus work, and part-time jobs are listed on JINESS job portal (click HERE) with updates every day. Act fast to activate the user account, build the career profile and start job search.

SAO will also send emails to students and post announcements on eCampus on different internship programmes. Please be attentive to all these communication channels.

On top of the internships posted by employers on JINESS portal, there are also several signature internship schemes across industries and countries. They are listed as follows:

  • Global Internship Programmes : Details of programme: Click HERE
  • Mainland Internship Programmes: Details of programme: Click HERE
  • HKSAR Government Summer Internship: Details of programme: Click HERE
  • Maritime and Aviation Internship Scheme

Details of Internships in Aviation: Click HERE
Details of Internships in Maritime: Click HERE