JINESS is a platform for HSUHK students to search for career opportunities that align with your interest and study background. Thousands of jobs including internship, graduate jobs, campus work, and part-time jobs are listed on JINESS job portal with updates every day. Act fast to activate your user account, build your career profile and start searching for your ideal job!

Kick-start your JINESS journey now: https://jiness.hk/a/

Portal highlight

  • 2,000+ active employers
  • Categorization of Jobs:
    • Fresh Graduates (‘Fresh Grad’),
    • Graduates with few years of work experiences (‘Experienced’),
    • Internship (‘Intern’),
    • Part-time posts (‘PT’) and
    • Student Campus Work (‘Campus’)
  • Powerful job-matching function and job-search engine (calculating your match rate with your interested jobs)
  • Job application management – student can trace the job openings they have applied or interview invitations they have received
  • Employment information and career advice