Leadership Development & Cultural Groups


HSUHK Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN)

HSUHK Wofoo Leaders’ Network aims to promote the idea of “Responsible Citizenship” and build a harmonious and caring society. Students from different tertiary institutions will participate in, organize and promote a wide range of activities, in order to enhance all-round skills, self-equip proactively, acquire social service experiences as well as to increase a sense of belonging to the nation.

Peer mentor 1

Peer Mentor Scheme

Coached by Counsellors of Personal Growth & Counseling, Peer Mentors will attend a series of systematic training to facilitate participant’s peer helping skills, and will organize Student Initiated Programs to help students better understand themselves and facilitate the process of Peer Mentors to identify the students with emotional or mental needs for referral to professionals.

Cultural Groups1

ICAC Ambassador Programme

Starting from 2013/14, HSUHK partners with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and participates in the ICAC Ambassador Programme (廉政大使計劃) to enhance students’ awareness on anti-corruption and maintaining high level of personal integrity. The programme provides students the opportunities to understand the mission of ICAC, explore the issues about integrity and commitment, and enhance their capabilities by conducting collaborative promotional activities.

Sinfonietta 1

HSUHK Sinfonietta

HSUHK Sinfonietta was founded in 2012 by a group of students with a strong passion for music. It aims at engaging music talents in the University, encouraging students’ participation in music appreciation and sharing the joy of music with the community.

PTH Debating Team 2

HSUHK Putonghua Debating Team

The Team recruits new members each year who are active and passionate about debating to participate in local inter-university Putonghua debate competitions such as the Joint-tertiary Institution Putonghua Debate Competition organized by RTHK.

Cultural Groups3

HSUHK Cantonese Debating Team

HSUHK Cantonese Debating Team (恒大粵語辯論隊) was founded in 2015/16. It consists of a group of students who are passionate about debating. Currently, there are 12 members in the Team who are committed to weekly practice and meeting to sharpen their debating skills and to initiate plans for the team development.


HSUHK A Cappella Group

HSUHK A Cappella Group is a newly established Cultural Group in 2017/18. Under dynamic and professional training, members are equipped with the skills on vocal singing and teamwork. HSUHK A Cappella Group gave their performance in University events such as Student Orientation Day.


Student Ambassadors Programme

Launched in 2011/12, the Student Ambassadors Programme aim to develop student leaders exploring their potential to represent the University and promote HSUHK to the public. Every year, 25-30 outstanding students from different programmes were selected as Student Ambassadors.


University YMCA
(The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong)

University YMCA® (HSUHK) was established in 2011, strives for and nurtures a balanced development in students’ spirit, mind and body, in compliance with the mottos of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, in addition to fulfill the mission statement of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.