Introduction of Registry

The Registry handles student registration, module registration, add/drop, class and examination scheduling, academic record, transcript and other academic certification, academic events and ceremonies.



Academic Regulations

 The following sections are only summaries from the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes (login to HSUHK account required) and may not be comprehensive. You are strongly recommended to refer to the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes for details.


本網頁以下部份為學士學位課程學務守則 (需登入恒大賬戶)的要點摡括,同學需細閱學士學位課程學務守則,以了解大學及就讀課程的學務守則和要求。

Important Dates

Academic Calendar and important dates of relevant academic activities can be found at the Registry website including Convocation for New Students, module registration and examination periods, Graduation Ceremony, etc.



Study Period

The normative and maximum study periods in respect of the year of entry in the University are as follows:



Year of Entry


Normative Study Period


Maximum Study Period


Year 1一年級

4 years四年

6 years六年

Year 2二年級

3 years三年

5 years五年

Year 3三年級

2 years兩年

4 years四年

Students may be permitted to defer their studies owing to health reasons, financial difficulties, participation in approved University activities, such as recognized internship programmes, representing the University or Hong Kong to partake in activities, or other valid personal reasons. The period of deferment will be counted as part of the period of study. Application for deferment of study shall be made before the commencement of the semester concerned.


Module Registration

The University will pre-assign modules for all Year 1 students in their first semester. They only need to participate in the module registration exercise starting from Semester 2 of Year 1.

The University’s module registration exercise comprises the Module Registration and Module Add/Drop. You are always required to follow the instructions and timelines announced by the Registry before such exercise at every semester/term. Procedures include collecting tickets from the Ticketing System, login to the Module Registration System during the assigned timeslot to register or deregister modules. Please note that the ticket collection and module registration are conducted on a first-come-first-served basis and you are recommended to login to the system according to the time slot to complete the procedures.

Module Add/Drop will normally take place at the beginning of each semester/term. Please always attend to the emails from the Registry and/or refer to the relevant sections in the Registry website for details.



大學選科包括Module Registration及Module Add/Drop。同學須留意教務處之通知並按其指示及指定時間選科。同學需進入Ticketing System領取選科ticket,然後根據ticket上的日期及時間登入選科系統選修或減修科目。領取選科ticket及選科均以先到先得的形式進行,我們建議同學在獲分派的時間內盡快登入系統完成程序。

Module Add/Drop通常會於每個學期初進行。請不時留意教務處發出之電郵及參閱教務處網頁之相關資訊

Attendance Requirement

The University requires an attendance rate of at least 80% and some modules may also have other attendance requirements. You are strongly advised to check your attendance rate of each module from time to time in eCampus (MyHSUHK > Academic > Module Attendance) and inform your teacher if discrepancies are found. Failing to meet the required attendance may result in not being allowed to sit for the final examination or getting a fail grade for that module.


大學規定學生在各科目的課堂出席率需達八成,某些科目亦會有其他特定的出席要求。同學應不時於eCampus (MyHSUHK > Academic > Module Attendance) 查看你每科的出席率。如發現有不實之處,應儘早通知老師,以作處理。未達出席率要求的同學將有可能不獲准參加該科目的期終考試或被評為不合格。

Leave of Absence

Students who need to take a leave of absence for five consecutive days or more owing to illness or other justifiable reasons must inform their teachers and apply for leave of absence within three working days after resumption of study. They must submit the appropriate application form with supporting documents. Approval will be granted by the Registrar on a case-by-case basis. Please refer to the relevant section of the Registry website for details.



Grading System

The University adopts the Grade Point Average (GPA) system in accessing and presenting students’ academic performance. Students will obtain an overall grade after completing a module, which can be converted to a Grade Point.  You may refer to the following table for conversion of Grade to Grade Point and their broad interpretations:


恒大以成績平均績點 (GPA) 作評核及表達同學的學業成績。同學在修畢一個科目後會獲評等級 (Grade),並會折算為相應的成績積點 (Grade Point)。 你可從下表了解各等級相應的成績點數及說明:


Grade Point成績積點

Broad Interpretation說明




























GPA can be calculated by semester, by year, or cumulatively for a certain study period, i.e. Cumulative GPA or cGPA.

The Registry will release your GPA after the final examination period of each semester/term in your eCampus account. You may also estimate your cGPA in advance by using My HSUHK > Teaching and Learning > cGPA Calculator.

GPA可以學期計算、以學年計算,或以整個就讀期間累積計算(即累計成績平均積點Cumulative GPA,簡稱cGPA)。

教務處會在每個學期的考試完結後,於同學的eCampus公佈其GPA。同學也可利用My HSUHK > Teaching and Learning > cGPA Calculator去估算自己的GPA。

The GPA can be calculated by the following formula:


GPA平均積點 =

Sum of (grade point×credit)(取得的成績積點×學分)總和

Sum of total number of credits所有修讀科目學分總和

Modules adopt pass/fail grading will not be included in the calculation of semester/year GPA and cGPA.

採用合格/不合格為等級(即pass/fail grading)的科目不會計算在學期和學年GPA及cGPA內。

Academic Performance

Students’ performance is reflected and monitored by the GPA that they attained. Appropriate guidance and assistance will be provided by the personal tutors assigned by the relevant School/Department to students under the following academic standings:

Academic Warning

Students whose cGPA is between 1.7 and 1.99 at the end of each semester will receive an Academic Warning.

Academic Probation

Students whose cGPA falls below 1.7 at the end of each semester will be put on Academic Probation.


The University may request a student to discontinue his/her study if:
his/her cGPA is below 1.0 for two consecutive semesters; or
starting the second semester of study since admission, his/her cGPA falls below 1.7 for three consecutive leo.


同學的學術表現可從其GPA 中得以反映,同學就讀的課程所屬學系會為以下學術表現欠佳的同學提供適切的輔導及協助:


假如同學在學期終的cGPA是介乎1.7  至1.99,同學將收到學業成績警告。





Graduation Requirements

Academic Graduation Requirements

To graduate, students are required to obtain the required number of credits according to the curriculum structure of their respective programmes and achieve cGPA 2.0 or above within the normative/maximum period of study. Please refer to the relevant section of the Registry website for details. There may be other programme-specific graduation requirements and please refer to the curriculum structure of respective programmes for details.

University Graduation Requirements

Students are also required to fulfill the following requirements in order to graduate:

  1. Language competency exit requirements
    1. English language competency exit requirement (attain a score of 6.0 or above in IELTS (Academic) Test) (6.5 or above for students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English & Bachelor of Translation with Business (Honours);
    2. Putonghua language competency exit requirement (attain the level of “Third Class Grade B” or above in Putonghua Proficiency Test or other Putonghua proficiency tests that are recognized as equivalent to the Putonghua Proficiency Test by the State Language Commission of the People’s Republic of China) (“Third Class Grade A” or above for students of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese);
  2. Information Technology Proficiency Test
    Please refer to the information at the IT Learning Centre for details; and
  3. Co-curriculum participation/achievement
    The requirements to be achieved before graduation vary for different intake years.






  1. 語文水平要求
    1. 英語水平(於IELTS (Academic) Test中取得6.0分或以上)(英國語文(榮譽)學士及商務翻譯(榮譽)學士學生需取得6.5分或以上);
    2. 普通話水平(於普通話水平測試中取得三級乙等或以上或相等於中國國家語言文字工作委員會其他認可普通話水平測試)(中文(榮譽)文學士學生需取得三級甲等或以上);
  2. 取得資訊科技能力測驗合格(詳情請參閱資訊科技學習中心網頁之相關資訊);及
  3. 完成特定的非學術畢業要求。根據同學的入學年份,要求亦有所不同。

Credit Transfer/Module Exemption

Senior-year Entrants or participants in Outbound Exchange Programmes who are granted credit transfer can study fewer credits to complete their programme, while those who are allowed for module exemption will have to take other modules to make up for the credits required to graduate. The maximum number of credits to be transferred or modules to be exempted at the point of joining the University is 50% and 25% for Year-3 and Year-2 entrants respectively of the total credits/number of modules specified by the curriculum of the admitted programme, i.e. Year-3 students must complete at least 50% and year-2 students must complete at least 75% of the total credits/number of modules specified by the curriculum of the admitted programme at HSUHK. Please refer to the relevant section in the Registry website.

Senior-year Entrant

Credit transfer/Module exemption may be granted for modules completed successfully in other accredited tertiary institutions before admission to the University. The credits to be transferred or modules to be exempted should normally be earned not more than three years before admission to the University. Credit transfer/module exemption for senior-year entrants will be processed only once before the commencement of the first semester following admission by the respective programme offices.

Outbound Exchange Programme

Credit transfer/Module exemption may be granted for modules completed successfully in a partner institution of the University. Credit transfer or module exemption pertinent to outbound exchange programme will not be counted towards the limit applicable to senior-year entrants as stipulated above.







Minor Programme

Starting from 2018/19 academic year, all undergraduate students may declare one or more Minors upon their graduation. To fulfil the requirements of declaring a Minor, students need to complete at least 15 credits from a set of specific modules selected from a particular discipline, of which at least 9 credits must be at level 3 or above. However, students cannot claim a Minor which is same as their admitted programme or existing Major/ Concentration/ Stream, and only non-major modules (i.e. modules grouped under Business Education, Common Core Curriculum and Free Electives) can be double counted for the award of Minor. Please refer to the relevant section in the Registry website.



Academic Integrity

The University upholds academic integrity and has zero tolerance to plagiarism and other academic frauds. As our student, you should ensure that (1) every assignment submitted is your own work; (2) the data and information presented are not fabricated or paraphrasing of source materials; and (3) works, including literary works, concepts and research, are properly cited and acknowledged. Except for certain exempted modules, the use of VeriGuide software to check the originality of assignment is mandatory for all modules. Check reports have to be submitted together with the assignments.




You are encouraged to contact your Personal Tutor or Academic Advisor for Students of your Department/Schools for assistance. The Registry will announce all important information related to your study on eCampus and via emails.


同學如需協助,可聯絡由你就讀課程所分配給你的Personal Tutor或所屬學院/學系Academic Advisor。教務處會透過eCampus電郵公佈與你學習有關的重要資訊,請同學時刻謹記留意。