Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships & Awards

HSUHK offers a wide range of scholarships/awards to students for recruitment of high calibre students, rewarding and recognizing students with outstanding performances in both academic and non-academic aspects, as well as supporting students to broaden their exposure to a multicultural environment.


The University provides financial supports to assist full-time local new-intake students with financial difficulties. This HSUHK Entrance Bursary Scheme is a supplement to the Government financial assistance schemes and is allocated to students on the basis of their financial needs.


Scholarship/bursary application announcement would be made by the Student Finance and Resources (SFR) Team of the SAO via eCampus and email.

Eligible students may submit applications through the SFR-APP (Scholarship / Financial Assistance) by the designated deadline.

Application results will be released through email normally within 2 months after the designated deadline, subject to the endorsement by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee and approval by respective donors, if applicable. Recipients of scholarship/bursary will be notified by email individually.

Scholarship/bursary will be disbursed through autopay to your personal bank account. Please make sure you have provided your bank account information to the University through eCampus, otherwise, the scholarship/bursary would be forfeited. Recipients of scholarship/bursary shall abide by the Guiding Principles for Scholarship/ Award and Financial Assistance Schemes and the conditions of respective scholarships/bursaries laid down by the University and/or the donors.

Guideline of uploading personal bank account information: click here

Only eligible students would be invited to apply for these scholarships by email and nomination is made by respective Schools / Departments / Offices / Centres.

Please convert the supporting document into jpg, jpeg or pdf format or reduce the file size to 5MB or below.