Time Management

Unlike secondary schools, university students do not have fixed timetables. There is, however, always a time limit for submitting reports, sitting for examinations and handing in assignments. Students should plan their time to avoid being overwhelmed by one deadline after the other. Learning as soon as possible how to manage your time is critical in your successful university life.

Evaluate your habit of using time

Try to record what you should do in a week and the time required. At the end of the week, check whether you need to adjust the time for each task according to your goals and priorities.

Get rid of “time thieves”

You may experience that time is stolen by “time thieves” such as excessive extra-curricular activities, distraction during work, and failure to reject others’ interruptions. We should be aware of “time thieves” and deal with them with the strategy of “plan early and act now”.

“Things I should do” Vs “Things I want to do”

With limited time, try to distinguish “things I should do” from “things I want to do”. Compile a to-do list and arrange your priorities. Stick to the schedule and you will find that far more time is under your control.