VolTrekkers Service-learning Scheme

VolTrekkers Service-learning Award and Training Scheme is a programme organized by Student Affairs Office (SAO) and supported by Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation Limited (香港順龍仁澤基金會) which aims at providing solid service-learning experience to HSUHK students and fostering them to become global citizens. Students can plan and implement their own local service projects under the support and guidance from SAO. Outstanding students will be invited to join an overseas service-learning trip for free!  

SL_Volunteer Team

HSUHK Volunteer Team

Established in 2013, HSUHK Volunteer Team (香港恒生大學義工隊 – 「恒義」) aims at promoting the well-being of people in need. HSUHK Volunteer Team is led by a Student Organising Committee to offer fellow schoolmates opportunities for community engagement. The Committee members actively engage themselves in service planning and volunteer management in collaboration with various NGOs. Beyond participation in community services, comprehensive trainings on service skills and sharing by various NGO co-workers are offered to students, enhancing students’ social awareness and responsibilities and equipping students with skills for serving the others.

HSUHK Wu Zhi Qiao Team

In collaboration with the Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation, HSUHK Wu Zhi Qiao has been established since 2014 as one of the Wu Zhi Qiao University Teams. Since its establishment, HSUHK Wu Zhi Qiao Team has been engaging in various site investigations and construction projects with the aim to enhance the living environment of the underprivileged in remote villages in the Mainland China. Besides building footbridges and facilities, the Team will reach out to the local villagers, building spiritual bridges of love and care.

Wu Zhi Qiao 1