Campus Online System

M365 Account

  • To login Zoom, Microsoft 365 services (Outlook, OneDrive, MS Office), and other Microsoft applications such as (Teams, etc.). Click here to login to Microsoft 365.
  • To login the University PCs, HSUHK applications such as eCampus, VPN, Wi-Fi, etc.


  • Connect, MyHSUHK, Services & Contacts (login method for M365, e-Booking, e-Registration,  Locker Reservation, Eduroam, Staff Hours), Teaching & Learning (Moodle, VeriGuide, Road to IELTS, cGPA calculator), Websites


  • Moodle is a learning management system where educators and learners can create personalised learning environments in a single robust, secure and integrated system.   Teachers and students can also use VeriGuide Moodle to submit assignment and view originality report.

Module Add/drop System

  • Registered modules, teaching notes and learning materials, Online Submission System (OSS) to submit assignments and quizzes


  • eCampus, RC air-con controller

If you have any question, you are most welcome to visit: