Senior-year Entrants

Senior-year Entrants

Before New Student Welcome Day (Now till 15 August 2022)

14 July 2022 

1st instalment of study fee payment deadline.

After the 1st instalment

Email (via personal email) notification about:

  • New Student Registration Process
  • Activation of eCampus and Gmail Account 
  • Online Modules Registration
4 August 2022

Email (via both HSUHK email and personal email) notification about: 

  • Online New Student Survey
  • Application for Residential College
  • New Student Welcome Day
  • Student-led Orientation Activities
8 – 16 August 2022

Your Campus Life Mentors will contact you.

New Student Welcome Day (15 August 2022)

Your Campus Life Mentor will lead you on the New Student Welcome Day, and the schedule is as follows:

10:00 – 10:30

Welcome Session – Opening  

  • Meet P/VP, School Deans
  • Student sharing on campus life and learning opportunities
10:30 – 12:30

Campus Life Experiential Activities

  • Campus Hunt
  • Student Life Fair organised by student organisations
12:30 – 13:00

The Way Ahead in HSUHK

  • Goal Setting for University Life
  • Consolidation

You may find out how to get to HSUHK and check out the virtual tour before coming to the campus.

After the New Student Welcome Day, please attend the Academic Session of your Programme, and you may check HERE for the schedule.

After New Student Welcome Day (15 August 2022 and onwards)

Before Semester 1 starts
15 August 2022 and onwards 
18 – 19 August 2022
23 – 24 August 2022 
After Module Registration, you may:
  1. Familiarise yourself with some useful academic information, guidelines and procedures at here
  2. Sign up for the activities in the Extended Orientation Weeks (5 – 16 September 2022)
  3. Find out how to get to HSUHK and virtual tour before coming to the campus
After Semester 1 starts
  1. Attend lessons according to your timetable
  2. Adjust your timetable during Module Add/Drop Period (5 – 19 September 2022). Details will be announced via email.
  3. Explore your campus life at Student Affairs Office Website
  4. Check the news at your eCampus and email regularly for any updates from HSUHK or your Programme
  5. Attend the activities in the Extended Orientation Weeks (5 – 16 September 2022)

For any questions about the Orientation, you may contact your Campus Life Mentor or Student Affairs Office at 39635560 (tel)/ (email).