Strengthening Learning

A solid knowledge foundation needs to be acquired by active learning. You may need to adjust your attitude and approach as you enter a different phase. Students should beware the model of learning has changed. University education requires students to be more proactive and independent.



University programmes, in general, require around 18 hours of class per week. However, students are expected to spend about 2 hours for preparation and revision for every hour they spend in the classroom. Compared with those given in secondary schools, assignments require more depth and width of knowledge and many of them involve group work. Students should therefore learn how to plan, allocate the workload and cooperate with one another.


At the beginning of a new phase, you may want to set clear academic goals and strive to fulfill your expectations but you should not be too keen on comparing yourself with your classmates. The only thing that matters is whether you make improvement. So there is no need to push yourself too hard.


Seek Help

It is common that students from different backgrounds and with different characters and abilities perform differently in studying. When you encounter difficulties, you should seek help from professors or personal tutors. Our professors and the senior year students are always ready to discuss with you and give you suggestions to help you adapt to the way of learning in university. Meanwhile, you may also ask senior students for their experiences. Forming a study group with your peers can also facilitate the interflow of learning experiences.